The Scary First Post!

Hi everyone, aka the few people who decided to be kind and check this out (thank you!), I’ve decided to create a blog.  I’m an anxious person so to post my scrambled words for the world to see is rather daunting. But I’m giving it a go!

I only started properly reviewing books on Goodreads since the beginning of this year, I used to just post a few sentences if anything, so this will be a good challenge for myself…

Currently I’m not sure how often I’ll post, what I’ll actually post about, etc. I have a few ideas though (obviously book reviews). It took me a few hours just to figure out how to work this website, so be gentle with me! I’m sure my confidence will soon build. I do tend to ramble so if that’s your thing, stay tuned. I try my best to not go on for ever though!

Feel free to have a wander around – I created an About Me section incase you’re not someone I’m close with who already knows a lot about me. I’ll probably add more to it at random when something pops into my head.

If any of you reading this fancy throwing ideas at me or giving me tips I’d be very grateful.

Have a great day!

Georgia 🙂

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