Six for Sunday: April 15th 2018

Hi guys. I’ve been absent on here recently because I travelled around to see my favourite band (Night Riots) for a week, I was obviously busy and since I’ve been back I’ve been exhausted and also at work. Phew! Hoping to get back into the swing of things now though, and what better way than to start with S4S?

This weeks prompt is Favourite Places to Read. Now, I don’t have six favourite places to read, so I’m going to list 3. What else I’ll list is my least favourite places to read! So here goes.

Favourite Places to Read

  • My bed! It’s just so cosy and I am free to get into all sorts of weird positions when I need to stretch.
  • My local library. There’s just something about it that’s relaxing, and I’m usually quite productive with reading there.
  • Living room sofa, when my bed has gotten too cosy and I start feeling sleepy.

Least Favourite Places to Read

  • A noisy train. This one speaks for itself. When I was travelling recently it was by train and I’d planned on reading a lot but I just couldn’t focus.
  • Work staff room. Maybe it’s because I’m too tired or because other people are conversing but even if I manage to get through a good amount of pages it seems I can’t take any of it in.
  • In a bath? I’ve really never understood how people do this. Think of the soggy pages!

Thanks for reading! Hope you’ve all had a good week. Georgia 🙂

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