My First Readathon! 28-29th April 2018

I’ve decided to blog my experience of my first ever readathon. This is the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. Whether it’s a success for me or not, we shall see. My goal for this readathon is to come away with a smaller unread pile of library books, and to prove to myself that I can read a lot if I set my mind to it, as I tend to get distracted easily or put off picking a book up (I have no reason for this!)

22:16 – I decided to participate!

22:28 – 1pm was the official start time but I was at work until 3, fell asleep when I got home and then had dinner. So the readathon didn’t actually start for me until this time. I’m beginning with The Dark Light by Julia Bell.

23:24 – I decided to take a snack break, and also to make this post! I’ve read 101 pages so far. Snacks were watermelon cubes and chocolate digestive biscuits (very satisfying choices, may I add).

23:45 – back to reading

00:13 – ok, I’m taking a 5 minute break. Currently 160 pages in. Going to whizz through the rest of the book then go bed.

00:59 – 245 pages read, book 1 finished! Sleep time for me!

09:48 – I’ve decided to read A Brief History of Feminism by Patu / Antje Schrupp (translated by Sophie Lewis). This is a graphic novel that I purchased from Housmans Bookshop in London so no, not a library book but I started thinking about it last night and thought I might aswell read it!

10:22 – 80 pages read, book 2 finished!

11:18 – Going to start Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index by Julie Israel now.

12:04 – 115 pages read so far, breaking to feed my dogs and hamster and probably have a snack myself.

12:30 back to it!

13:00 – the readathon is over! I managed to read 193 pages of book 3, which I’m pleased with myself about.

Readathon length: 24 hours

Time between deciding to participate and the readathon ending: 14 hours 44 minutes

Time I was awake within that period: 6 hours 26 minutes

Time I spent reading within that period: 3 hours 55 minutes

Total pages read: 518

Books completed: 2

I had so much fun participating in this readathon and I’ve impressed myself with how much I managed to read. I’ll definitely do more in the future!

Hope you enjoyed this post and that you have a good day. Georgia đŸ™‚

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