April 2018 Wrap Up / May Goals

Hello everyone! I felt like April was a rather rocky month for reading, between the 4th-11th I was travelling and I’d planned on being way more productive than I ended up being. A mix of exhaustion and poor mental health meant I was really lacking motivation throughout the month, but the readathon I joined in on on the 28th helped. Still, I managed to read 10 books, and I’m hoping making this post sets me off on the right foot for this month!

2nd-4th: Stranger by Keren David. 5 stars. Blog review *

4th-9th: Savage Island by Bryony Pearce. 3 stars. Blog review

17th: We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. 5 stars. Goodreads review

17th: Sunshine by Melissa Lee-Houghton. 3 stars. Goodreads review

19th-24th: The Hunger by Alma Katsu. 2 stars. Goodreads review

24th-27th: The Half Sister by Catherine Chanter. 5 stars. Blog review *

28th-29th: The Dark Light by Julia Bell. 4 stars. Goodreads review

29th: A Brief History of Feminism by Patu / Antje Schrupp (translated by Sophie Lewis). 4 stars. Goodreads review

29th: Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index by Julie Israel. 5 stars. Blog review to come – stay tuned! *

30th: Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. 5 stars. Goodreads review *

I’ve marked my favourite books this month with a *. Here’s my Goodreads so you can view any of those reviews you’re interested in without having to keep clicking from this post onto it – feel free to add me as a friend!

So, it shockingly ended up being a pretty good reading month. In addition to that, my book buying ban is finally going well! I only purchased 4 books, 2 of those were part of a Kindle Daily Deal (those books are I’m Travelling Alone by Samuel Bjork and Hydra by Matt Wesolowski, I always love when books from my TBR are part of a deal!) and the other 2 were from a charity book stand at my local train station (those books are Gone by Jonathan Kellerman and Island 731 by Jeremy Robinson). Pretty chuffed with myself about that, though saying such a low number – in comparison to how many books I usually buy – feels very strange…

As for this month, my main goal is to get through the 3 library books I’ve been borrowing since the middle of March. Yep. Long story short, I got 11 books out within a week because I visited a library I hadn’t gone to before (aswell as my local one) and there was so. many. books! Naturally I had to get loads out, but now I’m still plodding through them.

I’ll be reading some (as many as I can get through!) unreleased books publishers have ever so kindly let me read via NetGalley, such as The Weight of a Thousand Feathers by Brian Conaghan and Bookshop Girl by Chloe Coles. I’m beyond excited to read those aswell as others!

If I can, I’m hoping to squeeze in some physical books I already own. That pile has now invaded space I used for my clothes and other items, so it’s getting to be an issue. I’ll probably choose some short ones if I am able to get round to reading any of these. I’m rather determined to start tackling this pile, although knowing me I’ll read 1 and end up with 2 more.

Hope you enjoyed this post and that you have a very wonderful and productive month! Georgia 🙂

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