Reading With a Side of Depression

My depression can be filed into two categories; able to read all the books ever, or not able to read anything at all. Currently it’s the latter, and if you’re used to reading over ten books a month like I am I can tell you it is not fun. At all.

At the minute it’s hard enough for me to just eat and stay awake, which are basic human things so it sounds sort of silly but that’s the reality here. So trying to read, and stay focused, seems like an impossible task. I hoped I’d just read too much YA and got worn out but I tried thrillers too and had no luck. I was able to read Bookshop Girl by Chloe Coles but I think that’s because I’ve read it before (several times). I highly recommend that book, by the way.

I also sometimes get fed up of a certain format, so I tried switching between my phone, kindle, and paper/hardback. Still no luck. I feel fed up and slightly lost. I usually depend on reading to pass the time so without it is very strange. Maybe I just need to wait for this episode to pass, but depression is enough of a struggle as it is and I’m going to keep trying. Maybe I just haven’t found the right book to help yet.

This post has been written, deleted, and re-written, so many times and it still feels not right or perhaps too personal, but you get the jist of how scrambled my brain currently is at least. I had to think of something to post anyway as while I’m not finding myself capable of reading, I don’t want to use up all my drafted reviews. I hope at least someone can relate to this post so I feel less alone.

3 thoughts on “Reading With a Side of Depression

  1. Can completely relate. Sometimes I’ll read dozens of books in a row, but if my mental health worsens, then I can’t even manage a few pages. It’s terrible and I’m very sorry that you’re experiencing this right now. I want to suggest reading more favorite books that you’ve read in the past; ones that you know you love and will be easy on your mind. This has helped me since it’s hard to get in to a new story when your brain can’t focus.

    But try not to put too much pressure on yourself to read and blog if it’s too much. Depression makes everything that much more difficult. And even though it seems impossible, you’re going to get through this.

    Take care❤️


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