Things I Loved About Turtles All The Way Down by John Green

I consumed Turtles All The Way Down within a few hours, and I now have to come to terms with actually liking a John Green book for the first ever time, so this post is my way of processing all the feels I have. Because this book shattered my heart.

I love a good hardback book, especially ones with stunning covers like this one.

The friendship was wonderful but also flawed, which I think is very important.

There was romance, but it didn’t invade the book. I thought it was done well and would go as far to say that it was cute (ok, I enjoyed it).

Aza’s caring mum, and actually nice therapist.

The large tip Aza and Daisy gave at a restaurant.

Aza being a Vegetarian!

Aza and Daisy’s brilliant detective work.

The Chewbacca fan fiction, and Star Wars talk in general.

Most importantly, though, the mental health issues (anxiety, OCD) were spot-on, or at least the anxiety was – in my experience, at least. No matter how great life itself was for Aza, her mental health problems were still lurking and spiralling. This was very relatable.

Important Quotes:

  • “You look out from over a bridge or whatever and it occurs to you out of nowhere that you could just jump. And then if you’re most people, you think, Well, that was a weird thought, and move on with your life. But for some people, the invasive can kind of take over, crowding out all the other thoughts until it’s the only one you’re able to have, the thought you’re perpetually either thinking or distracting yourself from.”
  • “It’s getting sucked into a whirlpool that shrinks and shrinks and shrinks your world until you’re just spinning without moving, stuck inside a prison cell that is exactly the size of you, until eventually you realize that you’re not actually in a prison cell. You are the prison cell.”
  • “…and me trying to explain that there is something intensely weird and upsetting about the notion that you can only become yourself by ingesting a medication that changes your self.”

There are things I didn’t like, though, like Aza not liking Iron Man and her not even pretending to show interest in her friends passions.

So there’s that.

4 thoughts on “Things I Loved About Turtles All The Way Down by John Green

  1. I adored this book! It helped me a lot with my own mental health, and the way it was written was pretty incredible. I’m really glad you enjoyed it too 🙂

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  2. I loved this book as well. It’s my favorite John green book. This is a really good post. You can check out my review on my page under reviews a-z if you want to see what I thought about it.


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