Review: Poet Anderson …of Nightmares by Tom Delonge and Suzanne Young

Jonas and Alan Anderson are Lucid Dreamers, so when a car accident causes Alan to end up in a coma, Jonas decides to attempt to find him in the Dream World and wake him up. He soon finds out that it won’t be as easy as that, as Night Terror and REM are out to get him.

Being a fan of Tom Delonges musical adventures, when I saw Poet Anderson in Waterstones one day I knew I had to buy it. The cover stands out from a mile away and the synopsis intrigued me no end.

This book was way more amazing than I could’ve imagined! The characters were all incredibly well developed – I loved the badass women! – and if you know Tom Delonge at all, you can tell that the ideas came from his brain.

For some reason, Poet Anderson …of Nightmares kept reminding me of the Percy Jackson books, which is definitely a great thing if you love Percy Jackson like I do. Perhaps because of all the adventure that takes place, or the easy to read language and overall excitement, I’m not sure, but I have no complaints!

What stopped me rating this book 5 stars however is the ending, which I wasn’t really a fan of. I don’t know how I would’ve liked things to resolve, but it certainly wasn’t the way it did, so because of this I give a solid 4 stars.

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