Review: The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

Anxiety ridden Lo sets sail on a posh cruise soon after having her house broken in to, and it doesn’t take long for her to not feel safe in her cabin. When she is the sole witness of a bad thing and no one believes her, she takes matters into her own hands. But how long will it take before the trouble comes her way?

I’ve owned this book for a while, my excitement to read it had kinda worn off so I decided to add it to my July TBR. To push myself, I decided that it’d be the next book I pick up. And wow, I am glad it was.

From page one, I knew, this book was something special. I don’t read thrillers often anymore but this book made me wonder Why Not? At just 40 pages on I told myself I have to read The Woman in Cabin 10 in one sitting. And I did.

It was brilliant. I kept throwing guesses just to end up being wrong – which I am sure was the authors intention. And the reveal? I was shook.

It did fall a little short for me from part six onwards, though I can’t even imagine what exactly I’d have wanted the ending to be like. It felt a bit messy and is the only thing stopping me from giving the full five stars.

This is the latest thriller that I’ll be recommending to people and I will definitely be checking out the authors other works, because this book was incredible!

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