Reading Update / Mini Reviews #2

Since my last update, I’ve read Disclaimer by Renee Knight and Fear Itself by Jonathan Nasaw.

To begin with, I was enjoying Disclaimer, though it felt very slow. I liked the multiple perspectives and how twisted it all felt. There wasn’t much happening throughout except a sense of dread for what’s to come.

(Trigger warning!)

The plot “twist” started creeping up and it was easy to guess what it was (rape). I can’t stand reading that and I even more despise it when it’s used to bring something to the plot. I couldn’t read it, I skipped that entire section, then skim read the rest of the book as the other characters reactions were awful. The husband was truly a terrible person.

I’ve had my eye on Fear Itself for a long time, however I wasn’t sure if I would like it enough to buy it full price. Luckily enough I found a copy second hand but of course it sat on my TBR pile for ages still. Well, I read it at last, and I genuinely really enjoyed it.

I’d probably give it a high 4 stars however as it’s an older book there is some language in it that made me uncomfortable. This book is exactly why I want to read more books outside of the young adult genre, the deaths were unique to each character, I thought it was pretty fast paced and I was eager to find out how it ends.

Both reviews posted on my Goodreads

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