I Read One Book in April

*Not Clickbait. I really only read one book.*

I wish it wasn’t true either.

The one book I read was A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares by Krystal Sutherland and I loved it – review coming very soon – but despite how much I enjoyed it, I still spent 11 days making my way through it. The rest of the month I didn’t even pick a book up, whether an ebook or a physical copy.

For context: in 2018, by the end of April I’d read 36 books! 10 of which I read in April itself.

However, I also only worked 2 days a week back then and didn’t really do much else with my time other than sleeping. So, having read 21 books so far this year isn’t really too bad considering I’m fairly busier than I used to be.

I read (and review) as a hobby and I would like to set aside more time for it, however I also realise I shouldn’t be disappointed in myself when comparing this years book count to last years when so much has changed since then!

Fingers crossed May has me reading a good amount more than April. I purchased two new books recently, and browsed through a Waterstones earlier today to try sparking bookish magic through my bones.

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