Taking A Break

I’ve been doing some thinking and I wanted to make a post about those thoughts.

Book Instagram

I made this initially to not fill my personal feed up with book pics promoting reviews. Now just something extra I have to drag myself to use because I don’t find it fun or beneficial, I’m going to be deleting it soon. Instead I’ll share book stuff onto the story of my personal account, and add whatever I share to a highlight.

Facebook Page

Something I’m also deleting. Mostly because I barely use Facebook and only created it to link it to my Instagram page mentioned above. No big deal, I rarely even think about posting on it and the last time I actually did was at the beginning of the year.

Main Purpose of This Post

A hobby isn’t a hobby if I’m not enjoying it, or if I’m having to force it. I’m at a point where I actually put off reading so I don’t have to write a review after. I want to spend some time reading without having reviewing on my mind, so that’s what I’m going to do. My goal has been to post frequently, but I need to change that to posting only when I am completely happy with what I’m posting rather than pouring out content I’m not even passionate about and in fact getting stressed because of.

I have an arc I’m going to read and review, but after that I’m not going to post for who knows how long. I have some drafts but I’ll be letting them just sit for a while, or posting them on Goodreads. After all, this blog only came to be because I wanted to post more than “this book was good and I enjoyed it” on Goodreads. Now I need to go find the fun and the calm in reading again.

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