Let’s Talk: Reading, Blogging & Mental Health

Hi everyone! Another chatty post here.

So I’m fairly open in general about the poor state my mental health is/can be. It’s not the worst it’s been but also not the best, and there are days I struggle no end. I have to take medication daily to try and keep my head above the water.

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Review: Silence is Goldfish by Annabel Pitcher

Furious after discovering that her dad isn’t biologically her dad and that it’s been kept secret from her all these years, Tess decides to protest. By not saying a word to anyone (except her Goldfish torch, that is). But she gets so used to not talking that she forgets how to, which becomes a big problem for Tess when her best friend Isabel gets picked on, and she stumbles across something that could tear lives apart.

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Review: Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking

When Wendy was six, her mother tried to kill her because she was convinced that Wendy wasn’t her child. Eleven years later, a guy named Finn comes along to tell her that she is infact a Changeling and that she has duties in a world of magic to tend to. Where will this lead and will Wendy find the required confidence to be in charge?

Warning: because this is a review of the whole trilogy, there may be potential spoilers, though I will try to avoid them.

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