Review: A Girl Called Shameless (The Exact Opposite Of Okay #2) by Laura Steven

Following on from The Exact Opposite Of Okay, Izzy is trying to decide what she wants to do with her life – she’s balancing school and writing a screenplay, aswell as trying to get a job to help out her lovely gran, Betty. But when she finds out nude photos of a girl called Hazel leaked, the Bitches Bite Back. A Girl Called Shameless sees Izzy and her friends take the fight for slut shaming to end to the next level.

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Review: Poet Anderson …of Nightmares by Tom Delonge and Suzanne Young

Jonas and Alan Anderson are Lucid Dreamers, so when a car accident causes Alan to end up in a coma, Jonas decides to attempt to find him in the Dream World and wake him up. He soon finds out that it won’t be as easy as that, as Night Terror and REM are out to get him.

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Review: Night of The Party by Tracey Mathias

How do you speak out if you have no rights?

Having withdrawn from the EU, The Party made it so anyone born outside of England faces arrest and deportation. Failing to report an illegal is a crime.

Zara is an illegal, but she’s the only one who knows how Sophie died. Is it worth risking life as she knows it to tell the boy that she loves, the boy who deserves to know the truth?

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Review: Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

“I wonder – if nobody is listening to my voice, am I making any sound at all?”

Radio Silence follows the life of Frances Janvier, a fangirl of a podcast, who does great academically. She makes sure these things never collide, though. One day she meets a shy boy named Aled who, it turns out, is the creator of her favourite podcast and a beautiful friendship forms.

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